Countrywide Hapkido Federation (The Hapkido Federation of India) is developing hapkido in India and as well as in South Asian region. It is the well known organization of hapkido in whole world.

Pradyumna Barbora
Chief Patron

Mr. Pradyumna Barbora is a troubleshooting strategist and project manager. scratch golfer and tea enthusiast, recognized by community as an open minded, honest, resourceful and tactical worker who believes in rapidly assimilating new business practices to enables effective in house operations for any business in need. Mobile excellence centers promoting awareness of sports and education among the masses

Sudesh Kumar
Secretary General

Mr. Sudesh Kumar is the Founder & incumbent Secretary General of our federation. Coming from the field of wrestling, he also possess knowledge of Yoga, Wushu and other Martial arts. This basic objective behind the formation of this federation id to make a fearless society where people live with each other with dignity and pride. he has devoted his last 8 to 10 years just to hapkido and is continuously working forward his selfless aim.

Shailendra Pathak

Mr. Shailendra Pathak is the President of the federation. He is in the field of sports from the past 25 years. Having in-depth knowledge in the area. He guides the team towards the right path

Vinod Kr Mittal

Mr. Vinod Mittal is the incumbent Treasurer of the federation. Basically from business background. He is devoting his precious time to develop Hapkido since the inception. This knowledge and wisdom has always helped the federation in various ways.