Organized Events

Events we have organized by now:

1st National Hapkido Championship 2012

2nd žNational Hapkido Championship 2013

3rd žNational Hapkido Championship 2014

4th žNational Hapkido Championship 2015

žNational Seminar 2016

žIndo-Bhutan Hapkido Tournament 2016

5th žNational Hapkido Championship 2016

žSouth-Asian Championship 2016

žHapkido National Federation Cup 2017 : Battle of Coaches

žParticipated in 1st World Youth Martial Arts Mastership, Jincheon, Korea 2017

žNational Seminar 2018

ž6th National Championship 2018

žHapkido National Federation Cup 2018 : Battle of Coaches


7th National Hapkido Championship 2018


National Seminar 2019



žHapkido National Federation Cup 2019 : Battle of Coaches

Participated in 2nd World Youth Martial Arts Mastership, Jincheon, Korea 2019


8th žNational Hapkido Championship 2019