About CHF

Countrywide Hapkido Federation (The Hapkido Federation of India) is national federation that governs hapkido in all its forms in India. Currently, the CHF has 25 states/territorial members, across the Nation. The CHF is recognized by the World Hapkido Federation (WHF) as the sole nationwide governing authority for hapkido in all its forms, and is also a member of both ISNO and Fit-India.


Making hapkido an Olympic sport and a healthy way of life for people around the Nation.


The CHF develops Hapkido throughout the India, enriching people’s lives physically and mentally, and promoting friendship and understanding, free from all forms of discrimination, between all people through the spirit of sport.


  • The CHF’s role, as defined by the Constitution, includes the following objectives:
  • To accept and comply with the general fundamental principles of the Sports Charter and uphold the Sports Spirit.
  • To promote and encourage the development and practice of hapkido in all of its manifestations throughout the India.
  • To formulate and compile technical rules and regulations governing all Hapkido competitions.
  • To organize and approve sanction national Hapkido competitions and activities, to standardize CHF member association competitions and activities, and to formulate and implement National Hapkido Judges’ and Coaches’ certification standards for approval and certifying of national hapkido judges and coaches.
  • To promote and encourage the development of international hapkido exchanges.
  • To promote cooperation, friendly relations, and mutual understanding among its members.
  • To formulate standards standardize pertaining to various items of clothing and equipment used within the sport of hapkido.
  • To oppose any and all forms of racial, political, religious, cultural, ideological, and gender discrimination within hapkido, and in doing so to respect the principles of democracy, equality, and harmony within the sport of hapkido.